Animation Design & Robot Simulation

Animation and robot stimulation programs use developmentally appropriate stimulation to allow children to create interactive collages, animated stories, music, and artwork on the web, and to share their creations.

Obtained Skills
Fundamentals of programming
Math and science knowledge

Animation & Artificial Intelligence

In the Animation and AI program, with the aid of various AI models and apps, you can enhance your abilities and skills, realize your vision, and create your dream with animation and AI program.

Skills acquired through the course
Connecting the real and imaginary world
STEM technology


The Basics of Electronics is the precursor to teaching children the fundamentals of electronics, which are crucial for moving on to many immense computer and robotic projects.

Skills Developed:
Hardware knowledge
Circuit building and debugging
Computing and Information Technology Literacy.

Budding Animator

The budding animator program stimulates children's creativity to brainstorm. Additionally, it inspires them to create their own animation and design interactively.

Skills Developed:
Logical and Mathematical development
Critical Thinking

Savvy Wonderer

Savvy Wonder is an advanced program in interactive design, games, and concept building that provides end-to-end training on how to design augmented & virtual reality experiences.

Skills Developed:
Character Animation
Game creation
Digital Sculpting

Illustrious Animator

An Illustrious animator is a suitable programming platform that allows children to create interactive stories, animations, and games that help to devise simulated robots.

Skills Developed:
Programming Knowledge
Operators and conditional statements
Variables and loops

App Wizard

App developer programs discipline young minds to develop apps for web and android applications with advanced microprocessing technology.

Skills Developed:
Programming language
User interface(UI)
Cross-platform development skills
IoT( Internet of Things)

3D Technocrat

3D technocrat is a printing technology, also commonly referred to as additive manufacturing, which is an umbrella term that encompasses a group of different 3D printing processes.

Skills Developed:
Design Thinking Concepts
Strengthen Spatial & Lateral Thinking
Create Virtual Circuits & Code Blocks

AI Ace

A.I. Ace (Artificial Intelligence) program enables children to create their own ontologies in software applications. This is generally focused on integrating and implementing AI algorithms and logic.

Skills Developed:
Programming Knowledge
Deep Learning
Neural network architectures.

Droid Crafter

Droid Crafter curriculum features Python and Java, which are poised to lead the next generation of IT products and automation in the data and information aeon.

Skills Developed:
Program Syntax Styling & Semantics
Learn Micro-Controller Programming
Hands-on Exposure to Java & Python


Digi Guardian is a cyber security language designed to help children elude threats to their privacy from predators that lurk on sites that attract children, such as social media and online games.

Skills Developed:
Learn Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
Configure IP Address & Communication types
Discover Encryption & Decryption of Data

Blossoming Roboteer

In a blossoming roboteer program, children use their wit to figure out how to program a buggy using sensors and take advantage of all the included features that will give the budding roboteer a solid grounding in robotics.

Skills Developed:
Come into the World of AI & IoT
Modelling Shapes & Objects from AR/VR
Coding using Ladder Logic using PLC

AI Bot Prodigy

The heart of Bot Prodigy's platform is based on the concept of machine learning to make intelligent decisions through AI data.

Skills Developed:
Learn Machine Learning
Easy Natural Language Processing
Develop Azure Databricks & Explore tools

Program Propeller

Bi-ped Botist is an impeccable introduction to robotics for children as they step into the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and VR (Virtual Reality).

Skills Developed:
Explore Big Data & OpenCV
Meet concepts like Image Enhancement & Data Science
All Types of Automation
Expert trainers
Measure the progress of your child
Dedicated team to guide your child
Combination of Live & Recorded class