What will your kids learn?

Fundamentals of programming

Math and science knowledge


With this program, children can stimulate robots through coding in stages using blocks. From where the blocks are arranged into scripts that can be run into animation. Moreover, children can evolve their technical skills by creating their own code blocks. By utilizing DIYA's block-based coding approach, children are led to learn systematic problem-solving skills and develop a real-world interaction system. We also configure a system that integrates mathematics, design, and aesthetics to solve social issues with the mind of a digital user.

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We're pleased to ? introduce you to our young animator from (Kuching). In addition to his advanced animator course at DIYA, he completed a storyboard artist course which is part of the program. Currently, he holds an international certification in animation. Make your children an animator by teaching them animation in the simplest way possible. Let's prepare your children for the future together! Enrol at DIYA now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is stimulation related to animation?

DIYA's Stimulation platform enables actions to be coded as block-based systems, from where they are converted into animated actions.

How does learning robotic stimulation at a young age influence children?

Youth is a time for learning: Old age is a time for understanding! Now, knowing stimulation and animation may not be crucial, but in the future, a person who knows these things will have a more promising future, which every child deserves now.

What will your kids learn?

Experience from our graduates

I am Caryn from Malaysia loves to code because of the special bond that she shares with her mentor Ajay. DIYA believes in personalizing all courses and ensures that every student is extremely comfortable with coding and information technology in general.



I had a very good learning experience. I feel that learning robotics, especially through DIYA courses, will highly contribute to my growth and development. The different robotics models has fostered creative skills which helped in 'Hands on' teaching and learning of science.



What your kids will learn

  • Fundamentals of Programming

  • Animation and Interaction design

  • Custom Sequences and IFTTT based games

Skills Developed

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