7 December 2022 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Why should you sign up your kid for a coding class?

Coding Technology

Coding is the process of translating concepts, answers, and instructions into binary-machine code, the language that computers can understand. Creating computer software, apps, and websites is made possible through coding. Your browser, operating system, phone apps, Facebook, and this website are all produced with code.

Importance of Coding in Today’s world

➔ The generation of today can't even begin to conceive of a world without programs, software, apps, and websites. Lines of code are a key factor in the modern era's technical advancement and digitalization.

➔ Computer programming, often known as coding, is the process of instructing computers using programming languages that they can understand. The computer program is a series of instructions that can be as little as two lines or as long as millions of lines.

➔ We engage daily with a variety of software applications and related technology. Most of these technologies are built on computer programs, which are at the heart of how they work.

What is the primary purpose of coding?

Coding is a programming language that is used to create websites, programs, and other contemporary technologies. Today, computer coding is used in almost every major industry, including agriculture, medicine, entertainment, and defence. Some of the primary applications of computer programming are described below.

❖ Website development, graphic design, and app creation all involve the usage of computer programs.

❖ Coding is used to create special effects for movies and videos.

❖ The development of video games and visual effects (VFX) both heavily rely on coding.

❖ Computer programs are used, among other things, to develop platforms for social media, chat, SMS, and other types of communication.

Why Do Kids Learn Coding?

Every youngster should learn to code if we want to give them the best chance of succeeding academically. Kids who learn to code not only sharpen their arithmetic and writing skills but also gain life skills that will aid them later in the profession.

➢ Coding should be taught in schools from an early age for several reasons, including its importance to learning. Children have a better chance of succeeding if they learn to code early.

➢ Computers and digital technologies are integral to our contemporary way of life. This industry also includes some of the fastest-growing and highest-paying professions.

➢ Teaching pupils to code can offer them the advantage they need for a lucrative career in the digital technology sphere, which is expected to experience rapid growth in the next few years, whether they are youngsters or adults.

Benefits of Coding for kids

Children who learn to code can develop into independent adults in today's technologically advanced society. The benefits of coding can be surprisingly diverse. Coding gives kids a tonne of possibilities to learn life skills and explore job options, which is great for preparing them for the future from a young age.

Coding fosters creativity

★ Kids learn to code through a fundamentally creative process that begins with nothing and results in something. Coding promotes a child's enjoyment of the activity, much as drawing or cooking does.

★ With coding, where the virtual world is limitless, a child's imagination is their only constraint.

★ Because it embodies the capacity to link pre-existing concepts with novel solutions, approaches, and ideas, creativity serves as the cornerstone for innovation, ingenuity, and leadership.

Coding improves problem-solving abilities

★ The ability to code opens up new avenues for problem-solving.

★ When something doesn't work out, children learn to quickly fix it and try again in different ways through coding.

★ Coding also teaches children how to stick with a problem and work toward a solution. This problem-solving method is applicable in a variety of fields.

Coding makes maths more entertaining and enjoyable

★ Coding can help children develop maths skills and make maths learning more engaging and enjoyable.

★ Maths and coding are inextricably linked. Teaching children to code requires the use of maths concepts.

★ Your children will learn these mathematical skills and abilities without even realising it because they will be having fun.

Get them ready for the future

★ The future will be mostly digital. Even if your child does not want to be a programmer, knowing how to code will make life easier for them.

★ Other skills that children learn while learning to code are also extremely valuable.

★ Coding, for example, promotes logical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, all of which are essential skills. Such life skills prepare them for the future and improve their job prospects.


Every day, somewhere in the world, some kind of advancement or discovery is taking place, even if it is on a small scale. At this alarming rate, technology will undoubtedly shape the future. DIYA provides a wide range of coding and programming courses to help your children learn more. We ensure that your children have a bright future with a rewarding career. .