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What is Cyber Security - awareness and measures you should know

Modernization is associated with the process of digitalization. More advancement in digitalization necessitates a sense of cyber security.

One cannot deny the measures of cyber security, Cyber security is meant not only by the higher organizations or any other professionals. Every individual who is part of using systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) cannot neglect the security actions.

The need to secure data

Data plays a crucial role in the digital world. Acquiring data of even the least importance may cause trauma in an individual's life by manipulation when held in the wrong hands. The whole world is manoeuvring hoaxes in every possible solution to the profit of their own personage.

In the era of systems and the internet has found a place in the far and remotest areas, and protection of the data is as important as securing valuable properties in the world of the internet where every data is available with easy access to anyone around the world

The marketing strategies are based on the data of the personal preferences of people. Right from the top MNC to the petty shops engineered upon the statistical data. These data enable them to manipulate our brains and make-believe things that are not in reality.

For example, once you buy a smartphone on any of the e-commerce sites you can find suggestions for additional accessories like headsets and so on. You just went to buy a simple mobile for your use but they make you believe that you will need additional items and make you buy them and you continuously receive such suggestions all the way around.

What is cyber security?

The protection of unsanctioned access to systems or hardware or any other electronic data. Cyber threats are resentful, they may result from individual hackers, terrorists, spies on countries, organizational spies, Ransome hackers, etc.

Cyber attacks are becoming very common these days and they result in loss of money, reputation, profession, idea theft, and impact in every negative way

Types of Cyberattacks

Cyber attacks are happening in various aspects some of them are,
1. Malware
2. Emotet
3. Denial of service
4. Man in the middle
5. Phishing
6. SQL Injection
7. Password attacks

1. Malware

Malware is very common today that most of us confront in day-to-day life. Malware includes viruses, trojan horses, worms, and spyware. These are encoded in the form of links or attachments sent to the victims randomly. Clicking the link may cause,

● Slow down the process of systems
● Theft of sensitive personal information
● Can corrupt or delete or freezes files
● Installs unwanted harsh software to stop the function of systems

Measures to prevent malware

● Mostly avoid the links that are received from unknown sources which deceive to win cash prizes/free gifts.
● Use anti-malware software like Malwarebytes to prevent attacks.
● Ensure that your system is up to date.

2. Emotet

Emotet is originally a banking malware that attempts to exploit the data of personal information. The up-gradation of emotet enables the malware to be sent to mail and thereby spread to others.

The malware will be sent as reputed official links/files into the spam mail and thereby getting access to the network and systems. Emotet lies inert and could not be detected in a controlled space.

Measures to prevent emotet

● As it is also malware the steps followed in malware protection may apply.
● Use of two-step verification
● Creating strong passwords and
● You can protect yourself and your users from Emotet with a robust cybersecurity program that includes multi-layered protection. Malwarebytes business and premium consumer products detect and block Emotet in real-time.

3. Denial of service

DOS(Denial of service) refers to the attacks that mutilate the systems/network and cause dormant conditions. When the hacker floods the network server by sending continuous requests which creates traffic it prompts the user to access the system.

Measures to prevent DOS

● Use DOS protection software
● Check the security settings and firewall configuration to avoid unwanted traffic.

4. Man in the middle

This involves a crook targeting a particular victim by interacting in legitimate conversation and deceiving them to disclose

Sometimes it is even used for identity theft.

● Do not disclose the credit details to anonymous callers.
● Cross-check the caller belongs to the mentioned arena if possible before providing personal details.

5. Phishing

The perpetrator sends a mail to the victim with malicious links asking for some personal information which pretends to be the login details. Then the attacker tosses down the information for his gain.

6.SQL injection

Some web applications and websites use the SQL language as query input that is used to access the database of that app/site. The attacker makes the query as an input in the SQL sequence by finding the weak spots.

It results in a response by the server to the query where the attacker can manipulate the data by editing or deleting or modifying.

● Use SQL protection like Acunetix
● Validation of inputs with authorized software helps prevent such attacks.

7. Password

● Brute force attacks - the hacker uses programming to find the right combination by trying all feasible configurations of the password eventually it takes minimally a second.
● Keyloggers attack - attackers use spyware to record the passwords while creating them and using them to log in. Without cracking the hacker spook all the sensitive pieces of information and gain access easily. Even the creation of a strong password goes in vain.


The evolution of technologies requires the up-gradation of precautions in securing the digital/computerized form of operations. Cyber warfare is breaking out constantly. Preparing for such threats is resilient for survival in future. Are you fret about the future of your child while endeavouring such threats in his/her life?

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