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The gaming industries are engaging and flourishing-How? And Why?

Updation to the changing trends, marks the substantiality of the living niche in the present day. The survival of the fittest also applies to the market trends and business motives of the current drifts.

The video game made its appearance in the late 60s of the 20th century. The initial model was the pong game but it was not the real electrical mode. Since then various new inventions and technologies are still emerging and the scope of gaming never diminishes.

Statistical information

  • As per the research of Statista, it was stated that about 72 percent of mobile gamers are aged between 23 and 38 (millennials), and the rest 68 percent of users are aged between 39 and 50 (Gen x) around the world.

  • Globaldata says that the revenue of mobile gaming is likely to generate $272 billion by the year 2030.

  • Nearly $70 billion of revenue was generated through F2P (Free to play) games said by the Super Data Research.

  • Streamer support and in-game downloads are the huge areas where the gamers spend more money than the full games.

  • The global esport account for $1 billion - said by the Dotesports.

How do the gaming industries turn into tremendous growth?

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The gaming industry has undergone a massive evolution since the 1970s. It moved from uncustomary ways to conventional frames like PC, console, and mobile gaming platforms to Virtual Reality and Cloud Gaming.

These changes spot the key factors in the value chain of the gaming industry. The chain delineates the middle arbiters.

The traditional gaming value chain involves,

  • Platform Manufacturers
  • Developers
  • Publishers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers
  • consumers

The gaming industry holds up a stout portion in the hearts of all age groups and gender. Whereas the modern online gaming value chain eliminates some of the middlemen like publishers, distributors, and retailers. It includes,

  • Developers
  • Platforms
  • consumers

The video game sector is even larger than the combination of movies and music. The game companies may get benefited from the streaming subscription services. The expansion of market demographics and promotion of games as reliable entertainment for all age groups sophisticated to the transition of such industries.

The great Tech. giants like Google, Meta, Apple, and Amazon are planning to enter the gaming industry. Where we all know about the Metaverse, an evident or precursor in the market.

The trends in game designing

Mobile cloud gaming

It eases the access of games by servers located in remote areas without downloading the entire game. Enable the users to play high-profile video games even on bottom-end devices. Thereby promoting the compatibility of the games.

It shares the high costs to update the game requirements. As cloud services are secured which eliminates piracy and tampering.

The most appealing future of cloud gaming is that they are more customizable, one can spend a subscription to avail the futures they needed and not to the whole game set up as in traditional games.

Cross-platform gaming

Cross-platform gaming is the concept of playing games in any medium irrespective of the platform. The platform may be a mobile phone, PS, PC, etc, Bestowing the convenience of playing a game that is geared towards PS (Play Station) can be accessed by PC or mobile phone.

It mitigates the cost of the players but it entails high costs to the developers to retain the games available in other systems or software rather than the systems originally created.

Wearable technology

The wearable technologies emphasize the adventures of the games. The interface of players with the game by using technologies like gyroscopic motion sensing and the trackers to catch the gestures are remarkable for the industry.

The craze of experiencing such a maze enthrals consumers and brings them into play. This accumulates huge business profits for the firms engaging in the tasks. Developers are building apps highly for wearable technologies to exquisite the performance of the games.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Spielberg says, “It’s a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. You can do anything, go anywhere”. The vision of VR made it easier. The gaming industries are more focused on VR to move further a step forward.

More number of start-ups embarked on their services with Virtual Reality as a key source of gaming. Virtual Reality is now the mainstream of gaming industries. The one world of games is an exciting feature of Virtual Reality and boosts players to experience the sophistication of gameplay in the future.

Artificial intelligence in gaming

The adaptive and responsive experiences of video games are accelerated by Artificial intelligence in contemporary games. It helps to reinforce the performance of the non-player characters as more reliable and to make the interaction more lively and realistic.

Creating a stronger framework inside the game, the developers encode advanced level AI techniques in present and also in the future to make the players stay in the competitive environment.

Blockchain Games

Blockchain technology has held up the pace from the art to businesses which seems to be the secure and promising method for future operations of digital entries. And the gaming with no exemption.

The NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) apparently provide the privileges of games to the players thereby creating a value not only to the developers but also to the players. It allows the players to trade the assets using the NFTs inside and outside the game without permission from the developers.

The application of blockchain in games is no doubt a boom to the players to own the plots, characters, or any other virtual property. Sarcastically, the natural resources are limited but creating the resources by imagination and authenticating them are the advancement of humankind to parallel dimensions.


As the gaming industry is wide and its scope is yet seeking an upward point in the scale. In all probability, the gaming industry could be a beneficial area of a profession no doubt. But the competency of upgrading the skills to the evolving needs is undeniable.

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