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Learning to code brings you a fortune - how?

Coding is an expression method. It is a technique to educate, inform, and construct. Additionally, you have the chance to use your imagination and creativity to invent something from nothing.

Children are inherently curious and have a lot of energy. They like to experiment with things and explore their surroundings. This is why children should be exposed to coding at a young age.

Early exposure to coding by parents or teachers will help children accept it as normal. They won't view it as a niche pastime reserved for grownups, but rather as something they can engage in as well. It will serve as a springboard for students to begin studying more difficult programming concepts as enthralling which could be applicable to their careers in future.

The need for coding

Numerous other employment categories, outside those of software and application programmers, also need coding proficiency. Examples of them are business analysts, graphic designers, data scientists, and other occupations.

Furthermore, the demand for cyber security professionals is growing as data becomes a valuable commodity and data breaches pose a serious threat.

When you learn to program, you can interact with others who have the same knowledge as you. Joining professional associations or regional organizations that work together on projects will allow you to attend conventions. Through a variety of forums, those with an interest in programming can connect with experts from different professions, skill levels, and cultures.

Reports establish the significance of coding

Software/Hardware & IT and Internet firms are two of the industries that are anticipated to hire the most people in 2021, according to the India Skills Report 2021. As a result, folks with coding skills have a lot of rewarding professional alternatives.

By the end of 2024, 75% of companies will go from piloting to operationalizing AI, leading to a 5X growth in streaming data and analytics infrastructures, predicts a Gartner Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics for 2020 report.

By learning how to code, you may go from being a passive user of technology to an active contributor, which will benefit both your personal and professional life. It will not only give you access to a lucrative and adaptable profession in technology, but it will also make you indispensable in that field. Tech is more than just coding, but there is no tech without coding.

A few years ago, Glassdoor Technologies observed that while job postings were increasing for people with coding and computer programming skills, not all of these positions were specifically for computer programmers.

According to a Forrester analysis commissioned by the data visualization company Tableau, there has been a rapid increase in the number of jobs requiring digital skills but not nearly enough qualified candidates to fill them.

Key justifications for learning coding include:

● Scales your capacity for logic and analysis

● Turns on your problem-solving avatar using a methodical manner.

● Technology has permeated every aspect of our way of life.

● Dynamic, adaptable, and in-depth coding

● It is developing and growing widely throughout industries.

● Aids in obtaining a white collar position

● The need for programming experts is growing quickly.

● It allows for professional flexibility.

● Gives you the chance to produce

Coding abilities are now necessary for many job roles.

There are fewer professions available today that do not require some level of coding expertise. Jobs that formerly relied on conventional abilities but now demand coding expertise include:

Graphic designers: Making a website's design components is no longer sufficient. Today's graphic artists require a basic understanding of web development to put their work to use.

Environmental scientists: Although the analysis of this research frequently depends on the creation of suitable computer models, scientific expertise is particularly crucial for environmental research.

Company analysts: Today, success in business depends on one's capacity to handle and comprehend huge data.

Your area of specialization will become more evident as your coding abilities advance. There are always going to be new chances in this fascinating, dynamic environment. You'll be eager to develop your coding abilities through further hands-on experience and programming classes as your career advances.


When it comes to educating your children for the future from a young age, coding offers a wealth of opportunities for life skill development and career exploration.

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