15 Jun 2022 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Chess - One of the world’s best games, for everyone

Despite their similarities, games, and sports are not the same. There are subtle differences between the two. Chess is always perceived as a competitive game, and winning it gives a pleasant feeling. However, we have no idea what it is all about. Unlike a traditional card game, chess is a complex game. It focuses more on mental challenges than physical exercises.

A game is nothing but anything that involves both mental and physical stimulation and a set of rules, such as board games, card games, or electronic games. Whereas sports require more physical activities in which one can compete, such as football, soccer, etc.

While anyone with the appropriate exercise and training can easily play a sport, mental games are challenging to master in one's lifetime. Mental strength can only be achieved through games, not sports.

What is the impact of chess on socialization?

Socialization is essential for children's development, and playing with chess sets teaches children how to interact politely with others. The game of chess helps children socialize, regardless of whether they are playing with friends or taking part in a public tournament.

Chess as a phone-free hobby

It is no doubt that today's generation can't live without their smartphones no matter what the circumstance. Smartphones may provide the company with a myriad of benefits, but having mental stability is far more crucial. Kids are becoming more distracted by smartphones, making physical activity and private time more onerous to comprehend.

Therefore, in spite of all these, we still have a way to train them to use their brains effectively by enrolling them in DIYA's Master Chess class, from where they will learn to use their cognitive capabilities and become less dependent on smartphones.

What makes mind games better than other sports?

Mind games have become a new mantra for parents across the country. Mind games, also known as brain tuning tools, are becoming popular among upwardly mobile households where parents are becoming aware of the dangers of their children becoming addicted to digital screens and devices. As a consequence, educators and even sports commentators are encouraging children to enjoy mind games for play, enjoyment, and competition.

There are many intellectual games that require players to exhibit mental agility and capabilities, including scrabble, chess, bridge, sudoku, and backgammon. Once mind games were played only for fun and entertainment, but now predominantly chess is increasingly being played at the international, national, state, and local levels, enabling children and adults disinterested in conventional competitive physical sports to win Laureus and encomiums.

To conclude, "Life is a mind game, you're only limited by your thoughts." Don't allow your children to be distracted by life's distractions. Help them achieve mental stability and greater heights. Join DIYA's Master Chess class and make them the best chess master now and avail free demo sessions from world-class mentors.