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Best Reasons why you should learn Python

Python Programming Language

Python is an undeniable level, broadly useful, and exceptionally well-known programming language. Python Programming language is being utilized in web development, Machine Learning applications, alongside all cutting-edge technology in the software Industry. It is very appropriate for Beginners and experienced developers with other programming languages like C++ and Java. Python’s simple-to-learn syntax highlights readability and consequently diminishes the expense of Program maintenance.

Interesting Facts about Python Programming

❖ Python is presently the most generally utilized multi-purpose, high-level programming language.

❖ Python permits programming in object-oriented and procedural standards.

❖ Python upholds modules and packages, which support program modularity and code reuse.

❖ Python projects for the most part are more modest than other programming languages like Java.

❖ Python is being utilized by practically all tech-giant organizations like- Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Uber, and so on.

Python Libraries

In Python, libraries are characterised as a package or assortment of numerous modules, which contain different functions or techniques in modules that are brought into the program to perform some tasks without composing the huge code bits in a program. The program utilizes these libraries to make the codes simpler as these libraries are reusable bits of code. These libraries contain a set of Python functions.

List of Popular Python Libraries

In Python, there is a wide range of Standard libraries that are vital and valuable for the most recent advances like Data Science, Machine Learning, and so on. Let us discuss some of the Popular Python Libraries that are vital in various areas of innovation.


❖ Pandas is an AI library that offers high-level information structures and a wide assortment of instruments for data analysis.

❖ It provides fundamental information structures like series, data frames, and models which assist with controlling informational indexes and time series.

❖ Pandas ensure that the entire process of manipulating information will be easier. Support for activities, for example, Re-Indexing, Aggregations, Sorting, and Visualisations are among the important features of Pandas.


❖ TensorFlow is a high-performance mathematical computation library that is intended to be quick, and it utilizes procedures like XLA (Accelerated Linear Algebra) to do expedient direct polynomial maths calculations.

❖ It is effectively trainable on CPU as well as GPU for distributed computing. The best thing about this AI library is that it is open source so anybody can utilize it as long as they have a web network.

❖ There are numerous applications of TensorFlow that are literally unlimited and that is the excellence of TensorFlow.


❖ Theano is a computational structure AI library in Python for figuring multi-faceted clusters. It can be utilized in dispersed or parallel environments just similar to TensorFlow.

❖ Theano Performs data-intensive computations much quicker than on a CPU. It explicitly handles the sorts of computations for huge neural network algorithms in Deep Learning.

❖ Theano is one of the earliest libraries of its kind and is an industry standard for Deep Learning research and development.


❖ NumPy is an open-source mathematical Python library utilized for logical processing and performing fundamental and high-level array operations.

NumPy is broadly utilized for data analysis, and its array interface empowers developers and Data researchers to reshape huge datasets in numerous ways.

❖ NumPy is very interactive and intuitive which makes the complex numerical implementations very simple. It is mostly used to treat pictures, make sound wave portrayals, and for other parallel operations.


❖ Matplotlib is a cross-platform library utilized for investigation, Data Visualization, and making 2D plots from information in arrays.

❖ Matplotlib can work with the complicated data models yielded by Pandas as well as data structures made by NumPy.

❖ Matplotlib, an Open source, makes for a decent substitution for MATLAB (a paid arrangement) and it offers different kinds of data visualizations(histogram, scatterplot, error charts, bar charts, and so on).

Why should you learn Python?

Python is a universally useful and high-level programming language. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn Python.

Simpler than other Programming Languages

★ The fundamental reason why Python is a great decision for beginners is its instinctive simplicity. Its simple syntax (it nearly looks like English) and readability factor make it easier for beginners.

★ The rate of learning Python is shorter than that of any other languages like Java, C, C++ and so on.

★ Python allows you to go directly to the research part without worrying about the documentation. That is why Python is broadly utilized in the development and data science fields for data analysis, web development, and text processing.

Best Libraries to serve all your needs

★ No other language can flaunt as many helpful libraries as Python. The programming language accompanies the choicest arrangement of libraries that prove to be useful for improvement and Data Science assignments.

★ There are numerous Python libraries like NumPy, PyTorch, Matplotlib, SciPy, Pandas, and so forth which incorporate various functions for beginners and experts.

★ Python's functionalities and capacities have remarkably multiplied due to the vast incorporation of libraries over the years.

Helpful in Scripting and Automation

★ Python isn't simply a programming language - it tends to be utilized for scripting as well! In Python, you can compose code in the content form and straightforwardly execute it.

★ In scripting: -The code is written as scripts and get executed - Machine reads and deciphers the code -Mistake checking is finished during Runtime

★ When the code is checked, it may be utilized many times. So by automation, you can computerise specific tasks in a program.

Supports various testing frameworks

★ Python is perfect for approving ideas or items for laid-out organizations. Python has many underlying testing frameworks that cover investigating and quickest work processes.

★ There are plenty of devices and modules to make things much easier like Selenium and Splinter.

★ Python upholds both cross-stage and cross-browser testing with frameworks like PyTest and Robot. There are additionally other testing frameworks like UnitTest, Behave, and Lettuce.

More Flexible and Extensible

★ Python’s Flexibility permits you to perform cross-language tasks with practically no issue.

★ Python is exceptionally versatile and extensible. Besides the fact that you can incorporate it with Java and .NET parts, however, you can likewise utilize Python to summon C/C++ libraries.

★ Python is supported by practically all current operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, etc.

Popularity and High Salary

★ Popularity of Programming Language Index (PYPL) positioned Python as the most famous language in view of web search tool look rather than changed programming languages

★ Python proficiency can get you a good salary in the field. The typical Python Developer pay in the United States is around $116,028 each year.

★ Python, which currently rules the development and data science industries, provides a rapid growth curve with excellent employment possibilities.


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