13 august 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Navigating Your Child’s Career Crossroads

As a parent, you know that every day comes with the potential to create an event that will change your child’s future forever! It could be something like a simple first splash in a bathtub that leads to becoming a professional swimmer. Of course, children are hardly decisive and what they want to become when they grow up is something that changes every day!

Helping a child choose their career path when they’re too young to make such informed decisions involves a whole load of research that you are not necessarily going to enjoy. But the effort is certainly worth it! While you’re helping your child figure out what they might like to do in the future, there are a few things you should definitely know first.

6 things you should do

1. Let them try different things till they find something they like!

2. Help them try new things too, get them out of their comfort zone to see what they like and dislike. This could be anything from sports to online courses.

3. Let them have their time, it will give you ideas on what they like to do in their free time.

4. Listen… and we mean really listen. The truth is your child is also developing their own personality which also plays a major role in their career in the future.

5. Know their strengths and weaknesses. It's okay if they aren’t great at academics. The truth is their true aptitude could lie elsewhere. You’ll never know if you don’t listen! It is also possible to take a psychologically-backed aptitude test that will help you and your child figure out where you stand.

6. Seek a Career Counsellor. We get that you want to help but you also have a life to live, a family to tend to, and a child to care for. There is no shame in seeking professional help. This is especially true if it works!

6 things you might want to remember

1. Don’t rush into anything, be patient and take time to think.

2. Make sure to remember that your aim is to help them reach a decision. Suggesting something you would like them to do is great, but forcing them to do it is a completely different matter and could undo all the effort you’ve put in so far.

3. Checking out the best careers based on market trends can help find a popular career, but not necessarily the best career option if your child does not like or enjoy it.

4. Pressurizing children is a great way to drive them to succeed. But this does not always give us the desired outcome.

5. Comparing your child’s achievements with another will not always be helpful as what works for one child is not necessarily effective on all other children.

6. It’s more than just how good they are at it, it’s also about passion.

Keep these points in mind and you can be sure that you’re on the right track. Helping your child have a bright future is something any parent would focus on. On that note, we would like to suggest something that could have a spectacular positive impact on their future while also giving them something amazing in the present. Consider signing your child up for one of our spectacular online courses. Reach out to us at Diyalabs.my and avail a free session worth RM 75 that will let you see what you and your child can look forward to in the future.