3 May 2022 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Top 3 robots in the field of enterprise

Due to the evolution of AI chips and 5G technologies every single day, service robots are highly used in factory automation, especially in the manufacturing industry. There is an increase in the number of professional service robots, regardless of their industry.

Here we will explore 3 ways that service robots are revolutionizing businesses across a variety of industries, and performing tasks that humans have been performing for decades.

1. Robots in hotel management

2. Robots for food preparation

3. Robots for Agricultural harvesting

Robots in hotel management

The work previously performed by humans is now being handled by robots in hotels. But Why are hotels using robots?

The hotel industry strives to leave a positive impression on its guests. Robots can assist human staff by reducing their workload and personalizing guests' experiences. They can be used in almost any manner - with only imagination and cost as constraints.

A hotel management system utilizes a variety of robots to perform a variety of tasks.

There is a Concierge robot in the industry that tells guests about nearby attractions, places to eat, and hotel information. For example, Connie (named after Hilton’s founder, Conrad) is a concierge robot. Additionally, there is a butler robot, a delivery robot, a robot front desk employee, and a robot luggage carrier.

Robots for Food Preparation

With robots improving productivity in everything from cocktail-making to burger-flipping, more and more food and beverage companies are discovering the perks of automation. A revolution in automation has begun.

Following are a few robot designs that have been created for food preparation.

1. Sally by Chowbotics — salad-making robot

2. Cecilia.ai — interactive robot bartender

3. Picnic — automatic pizza maker

4. Miso Robotics — robotic kitchen for fast food chains and so on

Robots for Agricultural Harvesting

Agrotechnology robots are specially designed articles of technology that assist farmers with an ample range of tasks. In addition to analyzing, contemplating, and performing an assortment of functions, they can be programmed to adapt and grow according to the needs of the specific task at hand. Agribusiness has many applications for robots. Among the different prototypes and examples of robots are the Merlin Robot Milker, the Rosphere, Harvest Automation, Orange Harvester, lettuce bot, and weeder. In farming, milk bots are an example of the service of robots on a large scale.

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