28 june 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

To Push or To Motivate - What is Right?

What is the right way to push your child? The answer to this is nada. You shouldn't push your child. Instead, motivate them! Be it career or in personal life, or even while teaching them values. It is very important that kids are always guided the right way with patience. When it comes to children, you need to know when to push hard and when to not. Maybe sometimes you pushed way too hard and ended up regretting it?

While this is common, you are not alone. Many parents forget the fine line between motivation and pushing and end up doing the latter. As parents, it is important to understand this. Pushing your child too hard might end up in them being secluded, mentally low, or even developing anxiety issues.

The most prominent ill effect of pushing your child can be that they will start feeling insecure and develop extremely low self-esteem. Here are some things you can consider before you end up "pushing" your child.

Know your kid

Not all children are the same, and it is important to know that they are valued irrespective of their personality. Telling them constantly words like, "You are the best "or "You have done an amazing job" can help boost their mental health, and that itself will act as a motivation for them to work harder.

Understand what they like

Not everyone is born to be an ambitious person. While some find the medical field interesting, others might love art, and some other kids might find gaming and robotics fun and creative. Whatever their ideas are, talk to them. Ask them why they want to pursue their career. Enroll them in the necessary coaching classes and give them a chance. For example, if your kid loves gaming and robots, you can enroll her/him in robotics online classes or online programming classes. Find the best academies to help your children find their area of interest.

Inspire and not compare

Tell your kids what can be inspiring to them rather than comparing them with other kids. Like said before, no two kids are alike, and everyone's interests differ. Never compare your child with anyone else. Maybe your child has a hidden talent that the other kid does not have. It is important to remember this fact while helping them grow.

What to do when your kids push back

Sometimes you might find your kids not responding to gentle touch. Don't lose hope. Kids are like clay and can be molded the best when they are still children. Understand what is troubling them. Sometimes it can even be social anxiety or a learning disorder. Never discriminate against your kids for that.

Enrolling them in activities that kindle their brain can help them come out of it. But always make sure to understand what the problem is in the first place. Programming courses, Vedic maths, abacus, art, sports are all curated to keep them mentally healthy. These courses will help them pick up problem-solving, analytical, and other necessary skills. It is definitely a time taking the task, but with a little extra effort, kids always come around.