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The Link Between Socializing and Growth in Children

“Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you” – Misty Copeland

Parenting doesn’t necessarily have what one would call a one-size-fits-all situation. Different children growing up in different environments will have different physical and emotional needs. But one thing that always stays the same is the need to socialize.

Why Socializing can be nurturing

Sure, children learn a lot from their parents and families. But what really sets them on a path to accelerated development is healthy socializing and friendship. This is how they begin the process of learning acceptable behaviour and over time, they also develop bonds with the other children. As their bonds with other children grow, they also begin to build confidence, make friends, express themselves in ways they didn’t before, and even just do silly things together.

Let’s land those helicopters!

The same care that causes a parent to help can also reduce the potential of growth through accidents. While this article cannot be a sole guide to child-rearing, there are a few things a parent should keep in mind about the beginnings of separation.

Learn to let go: It has to be difficult to have to let them experience the world on their own, even if it is only from a few moments away. There are times when it’s necessary to step in for the child’s safety, but anything short of that is a go! If your child decides they want to socialize and you have some time to kill, let them!

Children are quick learners!

Children are predisposed to learning about the world. However, this isn’t limited to just books. Children take their cues from the adults around them. They orient their actions and behaviours around how they are treated, handled, and spoken to. They will also observe how you treat your friends very closely, so be mindful of what your children are seeing when you have friends over!

Introduce them!

Children can’t just hang around with other children forever, they need to learn how to interact with adults! Of course, they need to be kept under supervision for their safety but they still need to get used to such social situations.

Common interests can form a bond

By now a parent will have understood what seems to interest their child. If a child likes to play with building blocks, then there is a good chance they will prefer to bond with their fellow builders! Not only is this an excellent way to improve mental growth, but it also makes for a spectacular ice breaker.

Say No To Comfort Zones

Children tend to develop comfort zones all over the place, particularly around their parents. We all know that comfort zones are a great place to be, but are also zones where we stop growing. Choose your times wisely as you attempt to pull them out of their comfort zone, but also ensure that it is done with patience.

Don’t force it

Children aren’t all the same and they all socialize at different speeds and frequencies. Some are introverted, while others are extroverted. Forcing interactions could make them shy away from social behaviour altogether, stunting their growth. Be patient, they’ll grow at their own pace.

Create Opportunities

A child needs opportunities to make new friends and activities that require joint attendance can greatly push this along. However, in today’s environment, it may not be a great idea to let children interact unsupervised, which is why a shared class would be a great idea!

Not only would an online course for kids be a great way for your child to meet like-minded friends, but it would also be a great path for them to learn skills they will need in the future.

Internationally certified online courses have excellent instructors who specialize in both the subject matter, and children’s behaviour.

Choose the best online course for your child and watch them grow to become future-ready.

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