28 june 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

The Benefits of an Atmosphere of Healthy Debate to a Child

We are all well aware of the benefits of being confident, self-reliant, well-groomed, knowledgeable, and approachable in today’s incredibly social world. However, developing a personality with these traits takes time and being able to gain them early is an incredible advantage both professionally and in life.

We all wish the best for our children, but in this case the journey matters as much as the goal! How does one help their child become a well-adapted adult? By laying down strong foundations that can help them grow to become the best version of themselves.

That foundation starts by encouraging healthy debate and discussion with them!

They stay interested and engaged!

Obviously, if you want your children to grow into knowledgeable adults, they’re going to need to be interested! Letting them remain engaged with their interests is great and all, but talking to them about various interests is also a great way to get them to think! The more they think, the more they’ll learn to use their thought process. And what’s even better? You can use this time to bond with them, while still talking to them about different topics to incite their intrigue! This will give parents some idea of what seems to interest their children.

Patience is great, and so is Debate!

The more a child is able to openly talk about their ideas in a healthy argument, the more they are able to build up their own identity! Allowing their mind to grow early lets them gain a sense of self that they normally wouldn’t have. Of course, it won’t be long before they start employing the very tactics you’ve taught them, on you! We understand that children require guidance while still being given their own space. Finding a balance is challenging as there is hardly a single way to establish such dialogue.

But establishing it at the earliest is a must! As your children grow in intelligence, so will the bond you both share through open and honest communication. The key to being a healthy, well-adapted adult is being able to understand and thrive off of healthy relationships. That is something children can mainly get from their parents or guardians.

Respect and structure:

Helping them organize their thoughts into a coherent and manageable stream will allow them to use the same organization for other things as well! Help them understand the flow of any constructive argument or debate: Logic, evidence, listening, processing, sifting, remembering.

Of course, a debate is meant to have opposed views and when children are involved it can initially be very jarring and often quite heated if both the parent and the child lose their cool. However, what’s important is to ensure that they understand that if a debate is to occur, both parties must be respectful.

Not just you!

The point of this isn’t just to make them debate experts when they’re talking to you (that’s going to be trouble for you later, sorry!). The point is to get them debating things with their friends too. You may be a smart parent, but the one thing you can’t just offer your child is a diverse social experience that is only obtained through communication with others of the same age.

Cultivation is key.

The more they grow in a positive atmosphere where they feel they can share their views, the more ready they will be to excel once they go out into the real world. Granted, this is hardly something you would consider when you’re still scrambling to ensure they get the finest things in life from education to clothes, but their mental growth is in your hands too, and while that is indeed an incredible responsibility, properly grooming their mind and their self-respect will only ensure that they will make you proud!

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