13 may 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Should children start using computers early?
What is a parent to do?

Computers and the internet are a very dangerous place for an unsupervised child. This is why it is important that the child receive instructions on what to do and what not to do when on the internet. Parents may themselves find that they need to do a little more research to protect their online presence and information.

Once your child has a good grasp on how to surf the net, they’re ready to reap the rewards of the limitless constructive information they can find on the internet.

Improve their exposure:

Children who grow using technology the right way will have a greater knowledge base and an improved intuition how technology usually works. Such children will also have a greater affinity towards actually using technology effectively, which will give them a huge edge in the future if additional measures are taken to further their learning.

They are able to find and take in more information:

Access to massive amounts of information on the internet is a great way for a child to learn as long as this access is done with adult supervision until the child is old enough and experienced enough to navigate the internet safely. The internet has the potential to show your child new interests they can work on. If you want your children to truly be future-ready, there are ways to do this with their access to a computer that will be extremely beneficial.

Take a deep breath. Be clear. Remain calm:

This is a very impactful age for your child and they take their emotional cues from you. So, if you keep a positive outlook as you go through the experience of introducing them to the internet, their overall experience will be positive and they will wish to continue in the future. Even if a mistake is made, they need to know why it’s a mistake since the lines are not always clear when it comes to the internet or computing, both of which will be new to them.

Do not get complacent:

The internet is indeed a magical place where a child’s dreams could come true. But as great as it is, it can also be as dark. The one thing you must know is that while games and entertainment can indeed be found on the internet, it is not a toy. It is a terrible babysitter and a large purveyor of false information. This is exactly why it's important for a child to learn how their time will be best spent when they use the internet. It is also why you need to monitor the information your child comes across in order to ensure it comes from a legitimate source.

Online Classes for children with international certification:

If you want your child to use the internet constructively, then the right step would be to register them for online classes. A high-quality, reputable, and sophisticated online learning platform would be very well equipped to teach children in a way they will be happy to learn. Not only will the latest technologies be learned at a young age, but they will also be studied in detail along with their tools. They will be able to create freely under the careful guidance of an expert.

Learning platforms like DIYA also offer internationally recognized certification after a course is successfully completed.

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