27 august 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Interesting career options you never knew existed

Children are always taught to dream of only things that seem feasible. For example, in many countries, science, medicine, computers, and commerce are considered the most feasible and the most viable career choices. Parents feel that these career options would provide solid job security and that it is known to them so their kids can also choose this option to be in their comfort zone.

But you know what and how it is out there once you step out of your comfort zone. Staying in your comfort zone is surely a great thing but what would you get to explore? To explore what is out there and take leaps and bounds one has to step out. Here are some super unique and interesting career options that not many knew existed. Some may even blow your mind!

Ice Cream Taster

Sounds yum? Yes, it indeed is. Ice creams are one of the most money-making businesses in the world. As simple as it sounds, it does come with some requisites. You should have the ability to judge the taste, texture, and even the aesthetics of the ice cream while you are on this job. Tasters pursue a degree in food science and have the zeal and ability to explore various tastes.

Professional Tweeter

Yes, you heard it right. Listening is a very important aspect of social media and it indeed is a big deal for brands. What it also needs is responding and putting the brand presence out there at the right time and with the right words on the social media platform. A Professional Tweeter or a Chief Listening Officer mentions their brand across all social media platforms.


Yes, that’s the name. The perfume industry is also one of the biggest ones on this planet and the love for good fragrances never die as long as the human race exists. This job includes smelling and evaluating perfumes and various fragrances. A professional perfume tester goes through seven years of training! You also need to have intense knowledge of chemistry and psychology.

Professional Criminal

Is that even a thing? Yes, it is. They are otherwise called chief security consultants. They are hired by banks, museums, lockers, and other places that need high security. They come in two forms namely, IT and physical. An IT consultant will try and breach the security system and other security aspects relating to the place. On the other hand, physical consultants use various methods to try and break into lockers and go undercover. You generally require a degree from IT or law enforcement. Yes, this job exists.

Aerospace Engineer

The aerospace sector needs a lot of robots to automate manual and mundane chores. These people generally study robotics as their major. They usually design and program robots and add AI to automate them for chores like cleaning, painting the aircraft, and other mundane chores.

There is no limit to career options in this world. All that it takes is the interest and the zeal to learn a new skill and explore it. So, choose a path that is less traveled and make the most of it by being street smart!