27 Sep 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

How to interest your kids in Robotics

Robotics is a cool subject to explore. These days not just grown-ups but even many kids are into robotics. While there are many long-term benefits of it, one of the main reasons why kids want to stay learning it is because they find it interesting. Many kids live in an environment where they naturally get pulled to subjects like these. However, there are others who need some push or that they should be introduced to subjects like these that will interest them in learning it.

Robotics is great for those who want to explore more in automation and AI. But if you go to a kid and tell them about these two terms, they will hardly understand any. Here are some tips for you to make your child get interested in robotics.

1. Don’t use jargon - Yes, jargons are an integral part of robotics and its study but using them intensively can make them find it difficult and eventually lose interest. So when you first introduce robotics to your child, make sure you use easy-to-understand words and examples to explain the subject to them.

2. Show them the right media - If you want your child to get interested in robotics, show them DIYs and other simple videos. There are many YouTube channels that you can watch along with your kid to let them know what the subject is all about. Robotics can be tough but with the right information, perspective, and source, your child will start loving it.

3. Educational games - There are plenty of educational apps and games that are not only interesting but catchy as well. Taking advantage of such apps and games is an easy way to slowly get your child interested in robotics. These help kids get introduced to robotics in an easier way.

4. After School classes and clubs - Many schools that have robotics or want to introduce robotics for school kids will have a club or an afterschool group that kids can join. When they are around other students and teachers who are like-minded and do the same kind of activity, they get more interested.

5. with small projects - There are many YouTube channels and learning centers that teach robotics to kids with easy-to-do and small projects. These are great as they don’t overwhelm the child. Another best thing is that these projects are also easy to do at home with available items.

The best way to introduce robotics to your child is by you being interested in them as well. Children learn from parents and what better than inspiring them to learn something as cool as robotics. You can always show them cool gadgets in your home and tell them how programming, coding, and robotics help build such gadgets. When they see more real-life examples and cool gadgets, kids would want to give it a go. If you are looking for beginner’s robotics online classes, do check out DIYA.