17 Aug 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

How Technology has Changed Education forever

Since the Pandemic disrupted the normal school routine, it has opened up the path to using new ways to reach children for their education. Technology now plays a larger role than ever in our lives and it looks like some children may get an early start on that front. As technology moves on to make education more accessible to children who are stuck at home, children now have the opportunity to acquire exposure to new technologies and knowledge through online courses.

Even schools and Institutions that didn’t rely heavily on technology previously have begun to see the benefits of online sessions and assignments. However, online learning can offer something far more valuable.

Engagement by Immersion:

Children tend to learn fastest when they learn by doing. However, starting them on concepts like coding from a young age is not advisable if the curriculum is not adjusted accordingly. Because of this, new languages have been developed to help children understand processes like coding and algorithms. The languages are designed to be intuitive to use and can help your child understand the algorithms behind every process. Some languages like Scratch and Scratch Jr. are specifically made so children can learn the basics of coding before moving to more advanced languages.

Access to better, more targeted education

The internet is a massive interconnected highway that does indeed have the answer to most of the questions out there in the world. Once an acceptable online platform is chosen, your child will have access to all of the material they need and a mentor can then help guide them as they look for the information they need across the internet.

Transcending boundaries with technology

Technology allows children to expand their horizons beyond the confines of a classroom. Children everywhere can benefit from online education with something as simple as a smartphone, allowing more accessibility to education even in rural areas.

Technology & a guiding hand

Of course, technology can go both ways and if a child is to learn to use it properly, they will need to do so with the right guidance. This is where the online mentor of an online course comes in. Not only will they offer guidance that the tools cannot provide by themselves, but they also help guide a child to greater opportunities and growth by showing them how to safely navigate the internet for their research.

Technology has risen and now it is here to stay. Children all over the world have begun to benefit from the early-worm advantage as they quickly pick up skills and coding languages with a well- designed curriculum. If you’re a parent looking for an opportunity to help your child learn how to use the latest technologies, then you’ve come to the right place! If you would like to know what you can expect from an online course from DIYA, we would be happy to sign you up for a FREE Demo session. Reach out to us at Diyalabs.my and avail your demo today!