7 Feb 2022 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

How Are Robots Impacting Our Lives?

Many technical advancements are taking place in our world today. It will look quite different in a few decades from how it does now. The rapid growth of the robotics industry has a big impact on and changes many parts of daily life.

Scientists, industry insiders, and the general public all have different opinions about what the future of active robots could hold. Smart technologies have a lot of potential, but some people are worried about the "rise of the machines" and the possible extinction of humanity.

Multiple disciplines where robots are being used

1.Automated Transport

Over the last ten or fifteen years, we have seen incredible progress in the creation of fully autonomous cars. Many countries in Europe and the United States have automated vehicles like buses, trams, and trains, but vehicles like automobiles that drive themselves are still rare. However, automakers such as Audi, Mercedes, and Google have lately unveiled self-driving cars. Human drivers will be obsolete in the near future thanks to autonomous cars.


In 2020, Gartner predicts that 25% of customer care and assistance will be handled by chatbots and other AI technologies. Chatbots, on the other hand, were only responsible for 2% of online consumer interactions in 2017.

It's not only corporations that are affected by this trend; it also affects people's daily lives. Automated household products like robot vacuum cleaners and smart coffee makers are becoming commonplace. With the aid of personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, you can search for information, place orders, and manage your smart home appliances. As customer demand grows, the development of these helpers will continue.


Robots are already having an influence on medicine. Surgical robots have recently been successfully developed by engineers. Robots used in medical research have gotten a lot of money because of this.

The next generation of medical robot systems is being developed by Google and Johnson & Johnson. As recently as a few years ago, robots were used mainly in the healthcare sector, even as aides. However, they have now been integrated into the clinical system as a whole. Despite the fact that it isn't possible right now, it's not impossible for robots to take the place of doctors in surgical procedures.


General-Purpose Robotics currently has the capacity to revolutionize society's economic and social systems. Engineers have created robots that can assist students who choose to study from the comfort of their own homes, as many students are now doing so in the digital age. A group of robots are in charge of the classroom. They use their cameras to talk to kids and their bodies to talk to teachers.

Bottom line

Despite the fact that it may not seem that you are interacting with a robot, you most certainly are. For reference, robotics applications may be found in self-checkout lanes at supermarkets and ticket kiosks at movie theaters. As a result, robotics affects your day-to-day existen