12 Jun 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

DIYA: How To Get Your Child To Learn Coding

Coding or programming seems to be very complicated when said out loud. But these days you can find every other parent wanting their kids to learn to code. We as humans evolve and coding for kids is the best example of it. Kids these days have an amazing knack to learn every complicated subject out there provided they are taught in the right way. With the introduction of coding courses and that they can be taken even remotely through online coding classes, many parents are enrolling their kids in online coding classes.

Getting your kids to code

But how do you get your child to learn coding in the first place? Is it as fun as the regular games they play or the cartoons they watch that keep them glued to their screens? Well, that’s the tricky part. But did you explore the best coding classes for kids? This can take some homework for the elders as well.

Why is coding cool?

Coding is indeed cool. To be a coder, one has to have the right guidance. While there are many academies that teach coding, it is important to find one that focuses on teaching coding for kids. It is good to understand why coding is important. It is essential for millennial kids to learn to code because:

They will have great job prospects

The ability to learn and practice coding can help them understand better about other things

It is fun and satisfying to learn

It tickles the creative side of your child’s brain

It helps cultivate problem-solving ability

It improves patience and persistence

Helps kids communicate better

Having said all of that, how can you get your child to code? There are so many aspects to it with robotic coding being one of them. Well, in this case, the first step is always the parents’. Familiarise yourself with the basics of coding. You don’t have to learn it but you can be aware of the types of coding and where it can be done.

Here are some simple steps to get your child to code:

Start with an activity - It can be any activity. It can be as simple as a page of cursive writing to a 20-minute building blocks game. But make sure this stays and is persistent. Once they develop their patience and attention space, tell them about coding and help them learn the basics of it through an online coding class.

Connect them with experts - Make them talk to any coding expert who teaches for kids. Kids love when people converse with them and make them understand things. You can also buddy them up with other kids learning to code so they can talk about the subject.

Instill positivity - Talk to your kids and encourage them to give the best in what they are doing. Motivate them so they feel positive and valued.

These simple steps can help your kid to start to code and become a professional once they find their ideal career choice. While it might sound too early, what’s better than investing their time in something like this rather than in some cartoons.

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