5 Aug 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

Building memory, one block at a time

Creativity has no bounds and we all hope that our kids are creative enough to always stay positive and achieve more in life. Every child is unique and it is time that many parents accept this fact. Comparing one child with another will only make them lose hope in themselves and break their self-confidence. Memory building is a process. While some kids are gifted with great remembrance and grasping power, others just need a little push and some time to get there.

Be your child’s friend if you see that she/he is struggling with remembering things. Here’s a simple guide to help your child build memory power, one block at a time. Imagine the various aspects of memory building as blocks. Help them learn things at their own pace. Remember, every child has the capacity of understanding concepts. Some aids to improve memory can be learning through:


Colors have a good impact on kids. It is the easiest thing they can differentiate and identify at a young age. This is also why many kids’ brands use bright and prominent colors, confectioneries and candies also come in catchy colors. Use flashcards as they are great to improve memory power. And bonus! It’s fun too.


By nature, kids are extremely creative. It is only a matter of time that they are given the right stage and opportunity to showcase. Otherwise, who would come up with stories like aliens invading Pluto to find the treasure hidden by humans!? Indulge them in activities like sketching from their imagination or coming up with their own version of stories. Ask them to describe something they saw somewhere. This is a great way to help them build memory.

Active reading

Active reading can make kids hear better as they read out loud and this helps retain the information they read very well. Asking questions and helping them relate their concepts to examples from real life or other events can also help them remember things better.

Mortar Activities

When kids ‘do’ something, they tend to remember the activity well because they multitask by working with their hands and the brain. Physical activities generally make kids remember concepts well. Enrolling them in after-school activities like learning robotics, sports, sketching, or other activities can help them harness fine motor skills and improve their memory skills.

Help them connect with others

It is natural that some kids are introverts but helping them connect with others can help them see things from other perspectives and this also plays a great role in aiding memory power.

Childhood is the best time to make the most of it and make a child learn the best of the skills that they possess. Take out time from your schedule to spend time with them and teach them how to harness their skills in the right way to eventually become a successful person.