10 Jul 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

A Parent’s Daily Survival Guide to Education at home

The world is hardly the same place we knew even just a few years ago. There’s a pandemic out on the streets and everyone has been advised to stay home. And by extension, school has become far too dangerous for students to actually go out to them! Instead, school has taken on a different shape that allows children to take their classes virtually, from the safety of their homes. And thanks to this system, everyone is safe! Well… everyone except certain hard-working parents!

We get it, you love your children. But sometimes you just need a break. If you’re feeling guilty about having such feelings, don’t! There is no shame in admitting you need ways to keep your children engaged so you can do your job too. Because it’s not just the children who are stuck at home with school. You also happen to be stuck at home with work (and that’s worse!). So how do we keep our children engaged so we can actually get our own work done?

Step 1: Prepare the gear!

If your stores are open then you are in luck! If you are in for the long haul then you need to stock up on the right tools and materials for this task. It will be harrowing, it will be difficult, your skin might not even be the same color after you are through. But buy as many supplies as you need! We aren’t just talking about groceries. We are talking about creative tools like writing utensils, color pencils, clay, playdough, coloring books, 3D and 2D shapes, stencils, and anything else you might be interested in showing your child. Just be a little creative to see how these can be used in creative ways that a child will enjoy.

Take this seriously and you’ll quickly find out that you have everything you need to help your child pursue their creative dreams while still keeping your own head in the process! Don’t underestimate the power of cooking either. A curious child could spend nearly an hour making, examining, and eating a wobbly jelly.

Step 2: Strategize your approach!

You’re about to experience planning like you have never done before. In the eyes of your child, you will be more than just a parent. You will be a godlike event planner who makes sure they have fun all throughout the day! So, a schedule of work and play is important. For the work they have their home-school and certain special online coding classes for kids. And as for play, they have you!

It’s pretty easy to just turn on the TV and let them enjoy themselves, but technology is hardly a good baby-sitter. Leave time to discuss activities for the day and also include time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by creating a schedule that you both can follow. Not only does this help you plan for your own time as well, but also introduces your child to the benefits of a schedule!

Step 3: Execute your will! But not too much…

Each day’s plan can include anything but also be open-ended enough to allow the freedom needed when a child wants to play. You can do a lot of activities together, and in other times you can teach them how a certain activity is done and keep tabs on them when they finish it themselves. Being open-ended allows the child to make their own decisions during the process and also helps them learn how to choose for themselves.

Step 4: Possible Alternatives!

Of course, planning a schedule every day for your child might be a challenge if both of you have to work or if the needed materials are unavailable. But the truth is there is a fun activity that your child can do on a regular basis, and will also grow their mind exponentially in a safe and positive environment. We’re of course talking about an online course in coding or designing that’s made by the experts. Not only does this ensure your child will benefit from their courses, the one-on-one atmosphere will make sure your child is given the attention they deserve throughout the process.

In order for you to confirm that an online course with DIYA is indeed a great step forward for your child, we urge you to reach out to us for a demo session. This will allow you to see how valuable today’s online education tools can be. It will also allow you to see how far your child could grow. Avail your free demo session today, reach out to us at www.diyalabs.my today!