25 Jul 2022 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

5 Reasons Online Learning is now more beneficial than a physical classroom

A decade ago, many of us would have scoffed at the idea of an online education. It was inconceivable that actual education could happen on the internet, a place that was then seen as a cesspool of humanity. However, no one is laughing now. As the pandemic rages on, the advancement of technology and internet connectivity has never been more apparent! The internet now solves the problem that we didn’t even know we had!

In the past, we didn’t have the tech we do now. So schools were the only way we were getting any education. However, the system has now been rendered archaic by the latest public communication technology (like your phone, laptop, Internet connection, etc). And it might be time to turn to a more productive education experience.

Children are now adjusting to a new way of education, one that we simply MUST understand and streamline. Parents are also starting to see benefits and bonding opportunities they are able to enjoy. But is online learning ready to meet the needs of all children better than their physical counterparts? Here are a few reasons why we think the answer is yes!

One-on-One Interaction:

While not all online courses offer this, the ones that do know exactly what they’re doing! Children need a lot of attention in order for their mental development to proceed properly. A good online course will assign a teacher to one child per session to ensure a maximum positive impact on the child’s growth.

Fewer Distractions:

If you’ve been to school then you know it’s a place rife with distractions that tend to detract from one’s attention and focus when learning. When learning online they can be seated in a space away from any noise or distractions which will amplify their focus.


Let’s be honest… These times you have with your children might be the best of times. While work is indeed important, we advise that you also take an interest in their work and help them with their assignments so you both can learn together. This is time you will never get back, so make sure to use this time wisely!

Financially Suitable:

While education is indeed an expensive endeavor, online education is hardly as expensive. Why? Because the resources involved in this form of education are far less and there are multiple plans and sessions a parent can choose from. There are also reputable online learning platforms that plan their billing based on the parents’ requirements.

It’s a whole lot safer:

The chances of emotional trauma or permanent physical damage are simply far too prominent to just ignore when there’s a better option available. The great outdoors aren’t that great these days and a single unsupervised moment is all it would take to result in an accident. This is another reason to ensure their time for learning is spent indoors. While the loss of a social element of school is indeed something to be noted, there are other ways to make up for this lack of social structure. Additionally, it will be easier for parents to confirm a child’s safety if they choose online courses.

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