13 Sep 2021 POSTED BY DIYA Robotics

5 Fields in which Robotics is taking charge

As a parent who might not know much about robotics, you might have an impression that this is a subject that once mastered is used to make robots that walk, speak, and do actions. While that is a part of it, it is not all. Robotics is more than just creating bots that follow commands for human-like actions. They are much more useful in certain fields. The presence and use of robots are revolutionizing some domains and we will see what they are today.


Healthcare is something that a majority of the population relies on. Robotics has the potential to change the way everyday healthcare activities are performed. There are already healthcare systems that are adopting robotics in certain healthcare practices like surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, and other patient records. Some robots are also used for minimally invasive surgeries which otherwise is a daunting task for humans. Robotics in healthcare can also go to the extent of providing services like delivering medicines to patients’ rooms, assisting nurses with tasks, delivering lab samples, or even sorting them, etc.


The primary and the most important industry in the economy is agriculture. It is obvious for we all need food to survive. But with changes in lifestyle, many farmers are moving towards urban life in search of better employment opportunities. But this could be the moment to revolutionize the way agriculture works. Most of the tasks on a field are manual. If it is automated then productivity is increased. It also helps lower the costs. Robots can automate tasks like weed removal, thinning, pruning, spraying, and so on.


Eating out has become an everyday thing. With more and more restaurants starting up cloud kitchens, people are liking to sit at the comfort of their homes and have food rather than go to a restaurant full of people. Robots are bringing about a great change in the way food is prepared. Smart robots that cook the pre-set meals right on time are taking over manual cooking. There are also some robots for making the batter, tortillas, and much more.


Humanoid robots are not a thing of future anymore for it is already available currently. Some smart classrooms use robots to teach kids. There is also a say that investing in a robot that teaches the right pronunciation is much efficient than hiring a full-time tutor. Smart classrooms also have other equipment that is created using robotics technology.


One of the most primary and important sectors of an economy is the military. Robotics can be applied in many areas where there needn’t be a human intervention mandatorily. The best part, a lot of lives can be saved as well. Some of the areas in which robots can be used are surveillance, handling hazardous equipment, using drones in war-hit areas for observation, or even in support operations.

The scope of robotics is not limited to just one industry. That is the beauty of it. Once mastered, it can be put to the best possible use. Get your child to learn robotics to bring amazing changes in the way many industries work.